Image by Steinar Engeland

The footprint of fuel sounds quite simple, but is actually more complex.

There are different perspectives. Well-to-Wheel (WtW) covers all emissions from oil production to combustion in your car's engine. While ideal for precision, it is very difficult to determine accurate values due to differences in supply chain and country of origin, amongst other factors.

We therefore apply the Tank-to-Wheel (TtW) approach in our calculations. Here, only the amount and type of fuel are necessary to do the calculation which makes it – on average – more accurate. It however does not represent all emissions from the supply chain.

Type of fuel
Different fuels have different emission values.


Amount of liters
The emissions depend on the amount of liters combusted.

An element of uncertainty is estimating the price of the fuel and whether there are other purchases on your bill. We therefore decided to ask you for the number of liters for every transaction to provide you with an accurate footprint.

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